Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Teacher from the Black Lagoon

hey all you lovable and loathable people. glad you stopped by. so much as been going on...

yay! school finally started. I have been working so diligently on my classroom. There's still a few things that i need to do; they aren't crucial to my teaching though. so Voila! groovy huh? now you can picture me more precisely: writing on the board, sitting at me desk.

we started Wed. Aug 13. the first week went very well. there were no snakes and no one glued my bottom to my chair. are all of them angels no? do they know not to mess with me and that i mean business? yes. the other teachers at school said the students were saying that was i horrible and mean, and that they might one day have fun in my class. another boy thought i was going to hit him with my pointer. i'm not THAT mean. i guess you could say i got my point across! ha ha

the second day of school they loosened up a little because we sang the alphabet song. i truly think it will be a good and weird year. i have already grown so much just in this short time. i can't imagine what will happen by may. it's also weird though because it still feels like i don't belong there-like i'm a substitute teacher and am going back to sell insurance the next day. very strange, out of body experience. i mean, i weird and totally abstract as it is. you honestly can't imagine the non-normalcy going through my cerebellum right now.

ok so while i was getting my room ready, i was also moving into a house! yay for me! i'm still living with jillian, and we got a third roommate, kirstin. super gal. AND i also became a big sister. my little sister's name is ta'keia (very ironic since i have a cousin named tekia), and she's 11. i hope it will be a helpful experience for her as i know it will be for me. so my plate, not my saucer, has been pretty full. i'm not going to lie about it. at least there haven't been any burning barns, right callie?