Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jamison Road

To love a place so much...this is a difficult feeling for me to describe. The outside world pulled me, and I am now outside sitting on the tailgate of my Dad's truck. I couldn't escape this enchanting weather. The wind is perfect. The temperature is perfect. The sounds of bugs and the wind...perfect. The smells of the country. Oh the smells! This is the first time in a very long time that I've felt at peace with things. I listen and I look and see so clearly the way things are supposed to be. God is everywhere. I love this place. It always brings me home to where I need to be. I cry as I write this, at this very moment, because I know I will not feel this peace again for a long time. The cold will come, I will go back to the big city and get back to grad school and teaching. I will forget what this peace feels like. But for right now, I will feel it. I will bathe myself in it. I will think so freely for this one moment. I just had to share.

Wedding pics of Brittany and Waylan's wedding to come soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brush Your Shoulders Off


One of my best friends in the entire world got to come visit during my four day weekend. It is so wonderful to spend time with Meredith and Baby Chandler!

Ya'll, I'm not going to lie. The past few months, there have been a whirl wind of emotions. Love, hate, sorrow, self name it and I felt it. After a four day weekend, I am much improved and ready for Thanksgiving. Oh I love me some Pilgrims! God bless America and the Mayflower. Through all of these wonderful emotions, I have had to say to myself, "Brush your shoulders off." You said it straight, Jay-Z.

I said that to one of my students yesterday. She was a bit confused after we learned definite and indefinite articles. I told her that it would come with time and practice, and I also told her to "brush you shoulders off." Dead (I mean dead) silence...then LAUGHTER! We all got tickled, and I just had to stop teaching a giggle. They just took me down left and right. "Oh no! That's old school." "You said that sooooo white." "You are too white." "You listen to Jay-Z?" "She obviously don't listen to no straight (cool) stuff."

We just laughed and laughed and laughed until...I was the only one laughing. Those who know me well know that I laugh at myself more than anyone else. I just can't help it! I'm just so weird and goofy that I tickle myself. So I am laughing out loud, by myself, and that gets the kids going again. It is so GREAT to laugh with your students! There are those times when it's ok, and you can achieve so much more from your class just from laughing with them. There are many, many, many times when I want to slap them silly or as they say, "Boy, I'm gonna hit you upside yo head."
Caroline's first time to eat AND to cook deer steak. Everyone has to have the deer steak experience of eating and frying it up real nice :).

It's just so very difficult to form relationships with students in such a tough environment. I went into the school year thinking that I was going to help all the kids that needed help. Well let me tell you, I was WRONG. Maybe I am helping in some way. Maybe they haven't let their guards down. All I know is that I am just trying to survive mentally every day. That's all I know right now. I made a B on two grad school assignments. I told myself I wouldn't cry--it's just a grade--it doesn't matter. But then I realized I just have to survive (and of course, pass ).

So yes, I am good. Healthy as a horse. It's all about perspective, and that is a very hard concept for me. You always think you have it the hardest when, oh no girl and boy (if there are any that read this), there's always someone out there that has had a poopier day.

Dinner with Chance and Timmy B.

Halloween party!


Aunt Tricia--has taken two rounds of chemo. Read the latest here at Please keep Trixie in your prayers! She started a new drug called Tarceva this week, so please pray that it's effective and that the side effects are mild.

Brittany and Waylan--they are getting hitched on November 20. I can't believe it's finally here. On a sadder note, their Maltese, Duke, was run over and killed yesterday. They are devasted! It's like losing a child. Duke was even in their engagement pics. Pray for them as well!

This my sister and Duke.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Many Faces

Fall is here! So excited for a weather change. I hate winter but love fall so I will soak up every minute. The best part is wearing boots every single day. Yay for that! School is getting better; I'm getting used to the differences. So many funny stories. Grad school and full time job are catching up with me. I have no idea how people do this and have children. I think I would cry and eat terribly every day of my existence. It's catching up with me so much that I made B's on two assignments. That's not normal. One and a half more months then freedom.

I've had the past two days off. It has been so nice. Meredith and baby Chandler were in town, so I've spent these last two days with them. It has been so wonderful! I love them so much and wish I could see them every day.

Here's just a little preview of my life in pictures:

Me, Sarah and Jill eating at The House for Sarah's birthday. They have a pretty good burger.

Jonathan and Mer on their previous visit to Searcy.

Karson, my favorite red-head.

Lauren and me before the Boom Kinetic concert. Who's the pale one???

Loved seeing my Audra in Hot Springs over labor day weekend. It was such a wonderful surprise!

Little C and Big A :)

Halloween pics to come soon!