Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the past creeps up

Let me start off by saying that I have no skeletons in my closet. Ok with that being said, I had two of my boys come into today telling me that they knew something about me. I ignored them, as usual, and then the bell rang. They start dishing in front of the whole class! They somehow found out about a boy that I "hooked up" with in college. Now when I say "hooked up", that only includes making out. I was mortified! They knew his name, and more details that no one but he and I could have known. Next thing I know, most of my students in my other classes know all about my lovely night. My word to the wise: do not become a teacher unless you want your students to know EVERYTHING about you.

Did I tell you that someone hit my new car? It's true and to make the story even better, my sister got hit 20 minutes before me. The same policeman helped us. Isn't that funny? Some lady backed into her at Wal-Mart. And these wrecks weren't our fault!! Shocker, I know.

Guess what? I applied for grad school. Now I just have to pass the GRE. I am being tutored for the math part by one of my students. Isn't that just sad? I have totally forgot everything about integers, absolute values, fractions, etc. Math really does repulse me, but oh well. I have to pass. Oh and did I mention I can't use a calculator on the test? They want to make my life miserable.

I have made a life altering decision. I want to...............adopt a baby. Marriage is no where in sight, and I want a baby, so... But I only want one baby. Her name is Halle and my cousin Callie won't give her to me. Callie's blog is www.mostlysweet.blogspot.com Please give her plenty of hate mail and tell her she needs to give me that baby. Look at the pics of her! She's absolutely perfect....for me :) Love ya Callie!

I'm going home this weekend! Yay! I know you're jealous ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009


Today was a sad day. My Uncle Danny would have been 60 today. It just really made me think about where my life is going. Have you ever heard me talk about Uncle Dan because I could literally talk forever about him. Sometimes it's just so hard to not think about him especially when I go back home and drive down our road. He would always tell me that no matter what happened, there would always be a light on at home. He was one of the wisest people I've ever been acquainted and also the funniest. Very witty...ooh and he loved to tease. I wish I would've spent more time with him when he was sick, heard more of his stories. But I can take what time I have spent with him and gain so much from it. And for that I am very thankful. It's amazing how much you can miss someone.

So I was thinking that I need a change--something different. I looked into a program in Spain. I would be a teacher's assistant for 8 months--a paid job. I could do my traveling and get Europe out of my system (if that's at all possible). I was determined to do this, so I called my Spanish professor from college and asked her about this program. She said it was great but that she had her reservations. She said there weren't very many Churches of Christ there, and for those of you who know me, I hate to miss on Wednesday night even. Spain's a big country and for there to be only three congregations, this worried me. I couldn't imagine not worshipping with a church family for eight months!! And then there was the issue of money. With my recent car purchase and lack of money in savings, there would be no plausible way for me to do the trip at this time. Today....God must have another plan! And with that in mind, I stay excited :)

One of my best friends on the planet is coming in this weekend from Dallas. We are going to stay with her parents in Searcy and re-live our college years. Eat dinner at Mi Ranchito, breakfast at Bobbie's, get roasted garlic tomato soup and a Mr. Blond shake at Midnight Oil, and probably go to the good ol' Searcy Cinema 8. I'm looking forward to an exciting weekend!