Monday, January 19, 2009

creepy factor

Ok so, we Christian schools in the state of Arkansas get together for a conference once a year. This year it was Paragould's turn. Two other teachers and I carpooled up to Jonesboro yesterday, so we wouldn't have to leave at the crack of dawn today. We were almost to the Searcy exit when we see this red oldsmobile riding right beside us, and then we all scream simultaneously. There is a man driving and in the car with him are three toddler size dolls. In the passenger seat in the front, the doll is wearing a Santa hat. There are two in the back; one has wild looking blond hair and the other is wearing a hooded jacket with the hood on. The dolls are all strapped in their seat belts AND............they all had bloody faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How creepy is that?? No telling what he has in his trunk. We should've called the police, but were too freaked out to think straight. It wasn't the most comforting sight.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

better late than never

I know i haven't posted in a while. boo hoo. You can now sleep better at night :) My life since November--let me see. I spent Thanksgiving in Paducah and got to eat Aunt Vangie's awesome food. And then Christmas came, and I got two weeks off school. That is a total plus to teaching, so therefore I will more than likely teach forever.

Brittany, Caleb and me goofing off on Christmas Eve. Caleb looks so happy!

Randy Hainen (a long time friend), and my cousins Wes, Seth and Jamison.

My protege cousin Addie singing away. She entertains the crowd like me...

and eats like me.

Last night I just got dumped by a guy for being "perfect." He said I was too good for him and that I would be unhappy in the future with him. Well, you know what? I wasn't planning on marrying him! We'd only dated for a month, and he whips that out. He's smart. AND what makes the story even funnier is he called me crazy because I didn't want to be friends with him. As I was walking out of his door, I said, "You will never find a better girl than me." Then I left. I mean honestly, what WAS he thinking? Maybe it's because he never ate any of my cooking...who knows. Next guy, please!

Cali, Erin and me at Ashley and Jordan's wedding. Audra couldn't be there so I superimposed her. Yay! Now the group is complete!
Ashley, the beautiful bride, and me.

One of my 9th grade girls asked me the other day, in all seriousness, if babies came out of the mother's stomach. I explained to her that babies can come out of the stomach if it's a c-section; other than that they are birthed know where. She still didn't believe me because she didn't understand how the baby fit through. So then I had to explain that. I love that those girls are so innocent! At least I know I scared her from having sex for a very long time :)

Happy New Year at SO with my girls Lauren, Karson and Heather!

My friend Lauren (and my new roomie) and me.

So that's my life thus far. Much love!