Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Fish

the gang at Ferneau

I never cease to amaze myself. First off, let me tell you I'm crazy...and pathetic. I debated on whether or not write the whole truth, but I decided to let you think I'm crazy and pathetic. Last Thursday, around the hour of 8:30 pm, I had left my babysitting job and went to say hi to my friend before I went to dinner. After driving by, I rounded the block and "rolled" through the stop sign. I see the policeman as I'm "rolling" and I think, "I might as well pull over because he's definitely going to. He so saw that."

I was right. I see the infamous blue lights and take my place on the side of the road. He comes to my window and goes through the spill, and here's what went down:

Me: Sir, would you like to hear a story?

Officer: Um...ok sure.

Me: Well, the mother of one of my best friends advised us to say S-T-O-P-1-2-3 everytime we came to a stop sign. If we say that, then we've stopped long enough and could go on. I obviously didn't heed that advice tonight, but from now on, every time you pull someone over for a rolling stop, tell them that you got some great advice from a girl from Nashville, AR.

Officer: Ok.....(confused sounding)

As the officer walks back to his car, I start praying hard-core.

Me: Lord, I know I deserve this for being a crazy driver and for commiting a felony, but please have mercy on me. I have no money, and yeah I have no money.

I prayed that prayer over and over and over...out loud with hands folded. Then I here this:

Officer: hhhmmm...(He was clearing his throat.) I'll just wait until you're done praying.

Me: Ok thanks. (finishing prayer) Amen. [Turned to officer] Would you like to know what I was praying about?

Officer: I guess.

Me: I prayed that you would have mercy on me and give me a warning.

Officer: Well you're right. I'm just going to give you a warning.

Me: I'm going to say an awesome prayer for you tonight. I appreciate everything you do for our community.

Officer: Alright (seemed confused yet again)

I got so lucky didn't I?! Yay for me! but then on the other hand, if I hadn't been in la la land, that never would've happened. Oh well, a day in the life of me.