Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life interrupted

God has definitely tested my roommates and me. My roommate Haleigh was attacked in our home and almost kidnapped on May 16. Haleigh has fully recovered physically, but emotionally there is still much more healing. It's just so weird to find this happening to you. Our home, the place we find so safe, so fun, so girly...those feelings were gone. It feels so much more normal for Caroline and me now. It's still strange at times to think, "Oh that's where she was laying" or "He dragged her through here." It's like we feel the pain she was going through, and the prayers she was praying. Things will never be the same. God has pulled us through as we knew he would, but we have changed. The devil acts in ways we cannot understand, but he did not win. Please continue to pray for Haleigh during these upcoming months as she gains more strength from this crisis. She will have to face the monster who interrupted her life. We still don't know when the trial will be, but I will keep you all posted. God did hand us an interruption, and we are working through it. How do you handle life's interruptions?

Since March I have cut three inches off of my hair and might possibly have a job next year. I'll find out next Friday. If that's the case I'm off to Costa Rica for a couple of days to brush up on the good espanol!

I have been babysitting every day. That keeps me very busy. I have also gotten back into reading :). I am currently reading The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. Good so far. I'm reading a book a week. Trying to get in as many as I can before grad school starts July 12.

Have I ever told you what makes my world go round? Well, I'll tell you know. It's cream cheese and butter. With those things, food is so much more special. I've decided that I will never be a super model and wear bikinis in front of boys. Cream cheese and butter won't allow that!