Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost done!!

I had my last observation for grad school today. It couldn't have gone better. I walk in from hall duty, and my kids say, "Meet Rosa. " They keep screaming that, and I finally ask, "Who's Rosa?" They were referring to my UCA professor, Dr. Hebert who was camped out in the back room. Oh how funny they are! It was a good day :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smooth day=tired Ashley

I feel that I complain a lot. I'm sorry if I do. It's not really complaining but am opening up of my mental ducts. They need to be cleaned quite frequently. So today was the day I got my new students. Every seat was filled. The room's air conditioner sounds like there's a bulldozer in my room, but I try to overlook that small thing. Not one student was absent.

I forewarned the assistant principal that I may be sending some bugars his way with a big, fat referral. I had my referrals filled out and ready. Did I have to use one? No, not even close. I was amazed at how well everything went. It wasn't overly chaotic, no fights, only one girl cursed. I call that success! Now our next class meeting may be totally different. I'm not saying there won't be bumps in the road, but my old students know that I quickly dispose of bumps. No one will interfere with my educating another student.

I was pleased. Worn out to a T but pleased.  I had new students come up to me later this afternoon to tell me that they had a lot of fun in class today and that I was a really cool teacher.  I said, "I'm glad you had a good first impression, but don't be surprised if you end up hating me at the end of the semester. Impressions change."  Hey, I'm only realistic. I hope all days will be as successful!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weddings, trips, and other things

Ya'll. What has happened to me? I have neglected my blog and look what happens. I have a book to write. First off, let me tell you about my latest book. I guess I should say books since it's a trilology.
They are so good! The best young adult series I've read in a while, and I highly recommend them. I also read The Splendor of Silence and let me tell ya. It stunk. This is the second book in my whole entire existence that I've not finished. It was so very boring. I DO NOT recommend.

So onto my job is getting a wee bit more stressful as of tomorrow. One of the Spanish teachers is out for the rest of the year with a very sick child. I've posted her blog on here before. The long-term substitute they hired came for a week and left. She said it was medical problems, but it was probably those lovely angels she was hired to teach. With all of that said, the other two Spanish teachers and I will be carrying the load. I will get 14 students in my first period class which will put me at 27 crazies in one period. Lord be with me and give me the strength not to run away. It could happen, ya'll. It could. I'm preparing myself for the worst and hoping the worser of the worst won't happen.

Other than that, things have been running smoothly. I learn so much from my kids. I learned they are called Generation Rx for prescription drug abuse. Sometimes they tell me more than I really need to know, and I want to keep my innocence. Yesterday was "Free Hugs from Ms. Jamison" day. My 11th and 12th graders loved that day! I would make it everyday but that would take the fun out of it, ya know? As hard-headed and lazy as they are sometimes, I sure do love them. I love to see them do well on a test when they've been failing all the other ones, and I love to see their faces when they know a Spanish word without looking it up in their dictionary. Pure and simple love for these kiddos. Now don't let my love fool's often mingled with frustration and a very tight weave :). My kids tell me my weave is too tight when I'm not in the best of moods.

April 29th is the day when all grad school assignments have to be turned in, yes sir. Rejoice in the Lord. That is a day I will remember forever. I hope to get done before then but who knows. At my rate of slower than nothing that might not happen. Graduation is May 7, and no, I'm not walking. That's my one day off from my students. I'm not giving it up to go sit in a gym fanning myself in my cap and gown. A N and an O spell NO.

Let's talk about spring break and how it was fun! YES! I kicked off spring break with a wedding. Say what? Not mine sillies. Harding friends Britton and Kaitlin tied the knot in Monroe, LA on March 19. Julie, Jill and I roadtripped down and made it a fun day trip. An awesome college reunion! I saw so many friends I haven't seen in five years, so it was nice to catch up with everyone. Of course the best part was spending time with Meredith and Chandler. Any time I have with my niece is a blessing!

The Bryans: Jonathan, Meredith and sweet Chandler.

Jules and me. Wat up roadie?!

Buggy and me

Jillian and her crazy friend that is ADD because she gets easily distracted and doesn't look at the camera.

Erin's daughter Sullivan meets Chandler for the first time. Future Harding cutie pies!

My best friend Meredith and me

The newlyweds: Britton and Kaitlin Burton.
I bought 27 new books at McKay's. I know. I am so bad, but I couldn't help myself. I think I have an addiction. Truly. I get a high when I'm in there smelling all that yummy paper smell and holding the words of goodness in my hands. I'm so glad I'm literate because I feel I would be extremely lonely without my books to fill my imagination.

Nashville, TN was rainy and cold, but that didn't stop the fun. I got to meet Blake for the first time. She is such a joy to be around--such a happy baby. Each time I looked at her, she smiled. She smiles all the time and is constantly on the go like her momma. It was great to be back with Cali and Audra and to spend some quality time with them. It makes me thankful for wonderful, Christian friends!
Blake and me on our first meeting :)

Audra, Beau, and me on our walk that quickly turned into a rainy sprint.

Friends together again!

Lauren and me before dinner at Mafiaoza's and Tin Roof. So great to see her!
I ended my spring break stopping in Memphis on my way back. I had dinner with a very lovely lady: Grandmother. That was the icing on the cake for me. It was a wonderful trip! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Peace and blessings,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Say hello to spring

because it's rapidly approaching! What joy fills my heart! One of my most favorite things on Earth is being on Jamison Road in the springtime. I've talked about this before, and I'll say it again. It's magical, especially in the spring. Why? Let me tell you my people. The smells of fresh grass, the buttercups in the pasture, and cow manure (I know but it's such a familiar smell). I went home this past weekend to find everything was green, green, green! The boys worked cows this weekend, and Granny even remarked how green the cow's poop was. That's a good sign of spring time; they're diets are changing from eating green grass. God bless those cows! Isn't all of this exciting?!

Overall, it was a great weekend! Caleb and Brooke had their first wedding shower. It's still a bit strange that my little brother is getting married. Shouldn't he be playing t-ball or running around in the pasture with Matthew? Aw well. I will leave you with a little trivia for today. During his or her lifetime, the average human will grow 590 miles of hair.  I think Crystal Gayle has us beat on that one. Have a wonderful week everyone!
This is Crystal Gayle. Can you imagine curling that stuff? That makes me sick.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ya'll, I sometimes wonder if I'm even here. It's like I'm never where I should be in my mind. I know! That makes no sense but it makes sense to me so just go play by yourself. With all of this weird talk, I am reminded of a quote from the movie My Father the Hero. Remember that one? Gee, I still love that movie. That was back in the young Katherine Heigl days...and that boy was SO FINE. Ok so Andre, the dad, is talking to his girlfriend: "I am not there for you. Where ever I am I am never there, where I am! I wish you would all just leave me alone!"

That's kind of how I have felt the past two days. I think grad school decided to sneak up on me all at once (or maybe I just got lazy). Whichever one it was, I have grounded myself until all assignments are complete. I'm very serious people of blogland. I have grounded myself from LOST. I cannot watch another episode until all grad school work is complete. You better believe dog gone it that I am trying to finish by this weekend. I'm working like a dooooggggg. That's a line from I Love You, Man--my go to movie for a little laughy laugh. 

I had a "I thought I wasn't going to graduate" scare yesterday. I won't go into details because they are long and boring, but let's just say there were tears (but no blood) shed. I guess I worry to much or just over think things in my head. WHATEVER it was, I think it's fine now. Last night was supposed to be devoted to researching my Europe trip, but I was stuck working on this stupid video and paperwork. Even this morning I continued working until 8:00. Yes, I was late to school (we don't have to be there until 8:15), but only by 5 minutes. As I'm driving to school on 630 taking the ramp for I-30, I felt that my toes were exceptionally warm. How nice on this chilly morning! Uh no, not so nice. I look down to find my toes were exceptionally warm because I HAD ON MY STINKING HOUSE SHOES!  I mean, what looney toon planet was I shipped out of this morning? Who does that? I'll tell ya who. Crazies! Those are soon to be in straight jackets.

The Europe trip update: I have no idea. I am frazzled. I need help. I am excited but don't feel it. I don't know. Why can't I feel it? Because I don't know where I'm going after Julie and Brian leave me all alone. That's why. I need Brian to map out my trip for me.

What I'll be singing all alone in myself...with no one to talk to...but myself.
When you're alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go downtown. When you've got worries, all the noise and the hurry seems to help, I know, downtown. Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city. Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty. How can you lose?  OH BUT YOU CAN BECAUSE I'LL BE ALL ALONE!

But no fear because I have a very good FANTASTIC movie that gets me in brighter spirits. In fact, here's one of my most favorite parts:

Have a good Thursday!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A few things

I am asking ya'll for a very special prayer request. I know all prayers are special, but please pray specifically for my friend and fellow colleague, Beth and her daughter Eden. Beth adopted Eden from Ethiopia in July. Eden has been very sick, and the doctors think she has a rare neuro disease called Metochromatic Leukodystrophy or MLD. Beth is a single mom, but she is not fighting this battle alone. The Lord is with her every step of the way, and it amazes me how strong she is. Please pray for Eden and for her to be comfortable. Please pray for Beth and for her peace of mind in this situation of unknowns. If you'd like to read more about Beth and Eden, click here.

Also pray for my former roommate, Haleigh. The trial is coming up on April 27. Pray that she has the will power to look that scoundrel in the face with strength and dignity.
Have a blessed Thursday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Top 20 and a neck bone

I will be posting my top 20 reasons for going to Europe. This will be difficult for me because I have so many reasons. But I guess that's why they call them the top reasons. Whoa. I'm smart. Those will come soon. But ya'll, I must tell you about my fabulous lunch today. I walk into the teacher's lounge to grab my yogurt and granola, and low and behold there's free food! Praise to the Heavens because I was HON GREE. The smells take me to the fattening food world because it was soul food. It made me want to kiss my momma, but my momma was two hours away. So I just hugged everybody else.
They had greens (I don't like at all).

And cornbread (I prefer mine fried but I won't turn this down).

And fried chicken (My scalding is better).

Ooh goodness! And fried peach pies! Help me!

And--hold on to your stomachs--neck bones of a piggy. Not my cup of tea. My idea of a peaceful lunch is not nawing on some neck of a pig. That's just kind of weird, don't you think? Give me some bacon or something.

And homemade mac and cheese. Ooh I was a happy girl!

So if you ever want to end a friendship with me, serve me neck bone.