Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Don't Like Your Smell....A Very Merry Birthday to Me!

My friends Erin, Caroline and Lauren at my birthday dinner.

I'm a quarter of a century old! How about that? My birthday was Feb. 3 (Tuesday) and my students were awesome. What better way to celebrate than with 103 students who all wished you feliz cumpleanos? I felt super special! One of my students even made me a chocolate cake! Bonus points! ha ha. Some friends and I went to dinner at Ferneau. I got food and dessert! They have this really good grilled cheese made with smoked Gouda cheese with organic mustard. It's divine! and their bananas foster....let's just say I didn't breathe for a few minutes because I was INHALING it like the pig I am. It was a beautiful day! Thanks to everyone for the birthday messages!

My Bible class decorated my door. They are the sweetest girls!

Lauren, me and Heather at Ferneau.

I just thought this was funny!

Jillian and me....roommates for life.

I've been babysitting more regularly through a nanny agency here in Little Rock. Last weekend I babysat for a family that had a three year old and one and a half year old. I was reading the three year old books and then was about to tell her a made-up story about princesses (because she LOVES princesses) when she said she didn't want me to tell her a story. I asked her why and she said, "I don't like your smell." I asked her why and she just said again, "I don't like your smell." I laughed my head off. I mean, a three year old is capable of smell. I got a great kick out of it. It made my night a lot shorter though I was sad to not be able to utilize my story telling abilites.

My cousin Addie singing and entertaining...this was me when I was that age :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

prolapsed time...and other things

It was a very eventful weekend at home on the range. Since my birthday is Tuesday, I went home for a weekend of feasting. And boy was it ever a feast! My pants were busting at the seams. Mom made me a blackberry cobbler, and I must say it was the best crust ever! She made it Saturday night (in a 9x13 dish) and it was gone by Sunday. That was only 3 people eating it. I'm simply disgusted at myself. Daddy can do it because he's a man, but a WOMAN! no no disgusting. I shan't go into the other gory details of what I inhaled this weekend for fear I will make you vomit on your carpet, and that would be even more disgusting.

Goings on at home: one of our cows prolapsed so Papa came to the rescue and pushed it back in and sewed her up with fishing string. Let's just hope it held. Bless her little heart! Pray for the cow. There's also a string of aneurysms going around Nashville. Three people in the past four months have had them. Definitely pray for them. Something must be in the water...or the peanut butter. If you have a headache, GO TO THE HOSPITAL! I honestly have no clue if headaches are a symptom or not, but just play it safe. I guess that's it for my good little town.

I had to call 911 today! I know, right? So I was just driving along, singing to Beth Rowley (fabulous English artist--download immediately) and I see two cars up ahead on the side of the road. I was right outside of Murfreesboro. I slow down and see that they are standing around a fire. At first I think, "Why in the world would they build a campfire on the side of the highway?" but then I see them beating the fire with their coats. They weren't doing a good job containing it, so I save the day by calling for back up. We don't want our natural oxygen resources to be burned to a crisp? Hopefully it didn't get to the trees.

For my birthday, I want to film music videos so be on the lookout for those. Happy day tomorrow everyone!