Monday, June 25, 2012

Destination: Costa Rica

I figured I'd just write what I put in my journal. It's long so get over it or don't read it. Or go sit by yourself and stare at people. This is from yesterday.

Sunday June 24--Day 1
I'm now sitting on the floor in the Liberia airport waiting
on my taxi driver to get ready to leave. Finding my taxi was a bit difficult. After a great and safe four hour flight down, I come out and look for my name on a piece of paper. I don't see my name. I look again at their papers, but I still don't see my name. I see a blond American girl, and she asked if I was having trouble finding my ride. She said she was going to Sámara and would give me a ride. She said she was waiting on her friend flying in from NYC.

I'm a risk taker, but I sho nuff am not getting in an unverified taxi.i was going to ride with María the American. I found out she's from Ohio, and works for a health and wellness center in Sámara. I've already made a friend! As soon as I'd decided to ride with María from Ohio, a man with an Intercultura sign came up to me. But...he doesn't have my name card. Boobface!! He has cards for Kyle and Stefanie. He said he had my name card in the taxi. I asked Maria to walk out to the taxi with me. Ya know, for safety. It turns out he did have my name card. No wonder he was confused. It said I was to fly into San Jose June 29 at 11:45. I asked if Paola still worked there and why there were mistakes. He said that Paola's assistant Stefanía is responsible. That boob.

So here I am waiting in the Liberia airport for Kyle and Stephanie to show up. I've been here since's now 2:30.

It's 3:15 and finally Stephanie is here. Stephanie is 31 and from Montreal. We got to visit in the taxi. My second friend! Kyle didn't show up or maybe our taxi driver got tired of waiting. Elio, the taxi driver, was so nice. We arrived in Sámara around 5:00. Stephanie lives right around the corner from the school. I, on the other hand, live a 25 minute walk from school. It's way farther than my previous home stay here.

My Tica mom's name is Kattia Palma. She has two boys, Rory and Joey. She seems nice but not as happy and motherly as Marlene.

I venture off to find my favorite places. I meet two snotty girls from Florida. They just graduated college. I just wanted to be like, "Calm down. I'm not going to steal your man (even though I'm way cuter)." It felt so familiar to be back at school and on that beach. I saw new friend Stef and her roommate Shawna who is also from Canada. I had to stop and buy mosquito spray; I forgot to bring my 100% deet. Boob. The Mosquitos were having my feet and legs for dinner. Fleas last week, now mosquitos. And that stinking spray was $12!!

I'm home for dinner by 6:30. I was famished. I hadn't eaten a thing since 9:15!! Petunia was having withdrawals. Kattia cooked two small chicken legs in a tomato sauce, white rice and flavored noodles with cilantro (eewwwww) in it. I licked my plate clean even though I hate cilantro. I ate with roommate Sarah from Minnesota. She's very sweet but loud--I think that's a northern thing. It's nice to have a friend in the house. Sarah said Kattia's cooking is lacking. I'm sad. That's the main reason I flew all this way. For realz. I want fresh fruit and fresh, white cheese, and gallo pinto with Lizano green sauce. I better get it. Speaking of food, I might've told a lie to Kattia. I told her that was allergic to all seafood. Ok. I lied, but I can't risk eating seafood. (I'm
Vomiting it's just dry heaves.)

It's around 8:45. I popped a Unisom to help me sleep. It's hot, humid and loud outside. I've got three fans going and my sound machine. Let's hope I don't get woken up by chickens and howler monkeys.


Location:Sámara, Costa Rica

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